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Public Housing FAQ

What is Public Housing?
Public Housing is a federally funded rental assistance program that is in the city limits of Smithfield, NC. The SHA is the landlord. Your rental assistance is directly tied to the unit you are assigned. All program participants are required to pay 30% of their monthly income towards their own rent and utilities. Please note: Public Housing has a $50 minimum rent requirement.

Who can apply to Public Housing?
The SHA accepts applications from both market-rate renters, as well as those needing rental assistance. Applicants are screened according to HUD and Housing Authority policy. Applicants will be subject to criminal, sex offender, and landlord background checks.

Do I have to have income to be eligible for Public Housing?
No. Examples of income could be any or all the following: employment income, child support, social security, TANF, and odd jobs paid in cash.

How do I obtain an application?
Applications can be picked up from our office located at 801 S. Fifth Street, Smithfield, NC 27577.  
They are in the Application box located on the front entrance wall to building.

Who should I contact regarding the status of my application?
Please contact our Office at 919.934.9491, press 2, to check the status of your application. Leave a message with your contact information if no one is available and your call will be returned.

How much will my rent be?
Rent is determined by household. No more than 30% of a family's annual income will be paid in rent. Rent amounts vary based on assets, income, and deductions; however, rent and deposit amounts will be available to you at the time of lease up. If your income changes for any reason prior to occupancy, please contact the Occupancy Specialist at 919.934.9491 ext. 200.

How long will I have to wait before I am called for an apartment?
Waitlists vary by apartment size. Individuals are called in order of completed application for the apartment size approved for their household.

How long will my application remain active?
You may be contacted after six months to update your information.

How do you screen applications?
The following tools are used for each applicant Criminal Background Check, Housing/Rental History Reference, Sex Offender Registry, and Enterprise Income Verification.

What should I do if my income, family composition, or address changes before I am housed?
Please contact our Office at 919.934.9491, press 2, to update your information. Leave a message with your contact information if no one is available and your call will be returned.

Is there a minimum age requirement?
The minimum age for a Head of Household is 18 years old unless emancipation papers are provided.

Is there a maximum income that would make me ineligible?
Yes, but the amounts are based on median income limits for Smithfield/Johnston County, NC and may be updated each year. The income limits are also based on household size. If your income is more than 80% of the local median income for your family size, you are not eligible for public housing.

Will I have to pay a deposit?
Yes, our minimum-security deposits are $100 but may be greater as they are based on rent amount. This must be paid at the time of lease up. Additional deposits may be required for pets.

How can I access the ban list?
There is a current copy of the ban list posted in the lobby of the Smithfield Housing Authority Administrative Office.

If I am banned, can I come on the property?
No. A banned person may not come on any of Smithfield Housing Authority's properties to include residences, offices, common areas, or parking lots. A banned person may not visit anyone on Smithfield Housing Authority's properties without Management pre-approval. Call the office for more information at: 919.934.9491.