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Maintenance Desk Notes

  • Do not flush wipes,  hair, or other items down the commode.
  • Do not throw grease out in the yard or down the sink.
  • Make sure you report any leaks, stop ups, or electrical work orders to the office.
  • The after-hour number is for emergency calls after hours.
  • Make sure that the faucet outside your unit is turned off.
  • Pull your trash can back to the unit after the trash-pick-up day.
  • Air filters are changed during pest control treatment.
  • Report work orders to the office during working hours.

Please remove any vehicles that are not operable:  no tags, expired inspection stickers, flat tires, broken down, etc.
If a sticker is put on the vehicle and it is not moved, then it will be towed at the owner's expense.

Emergency After-Hour Number: 919.320.3027